Two years ago I joined Retinad-- the leading Analytics Platform for immersive media (AR/VR) first as the Director of Developer Relations, and in the last twelve months I have led the company as CEO and President. I cannot be happier to be part of a team of visionaries, thinkers and doers, who are at the cutting edge of tech and leading the charge for a generational product. I cannot wait to help build the pillars of the hardware and software that will change our species. I invite you to join us on our journey to make VR fun, beautiful and engaging.

In December 2015 I was selected as a Venture for Canada Fellow.
A great honour considering in 2014 I decided to drop out of law school and pursue my ambitions as an entrepreneur. While that decision didn't come easy (read about it) and wasn't an obvious choice to my peers in law, I believe it was the best one for me and the one that has made me happiest. I'm thrilled to be joining a cohort of people who GSD and are motivated to make our fantastic country better and stronger.

In my first year of Graduate Studies at McGill University, I joined the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship simply as a volunteer. I quickly fell in love with Montreal's startup culture and the opportunity to help a small team of doers at the Centre to get more done. A few months later I was appointed President and mentor and have since consulted dozens of startups in addition to growing the entrepreneur ecosystem beyond McGill's walls. I proudly worked full-time at the Centre as the Operations and Marketing Manager, helping develop several programs and driving the strategy of the Centre forward. You can see the progress I made here, and the journey I had facilitating the first-ever McGill Launchpad Program to help build scalable startups.

From 2011-2013, I attended l'Université de Laval, in Quebec City and studied law. Prior to those studies I earned a bachelors of arts, specializing in philosophy and politics at the University of Toronto. While education is nice and teaches self-discipline, I'd have to say that it has never been for me. I'm a person who learns by actively participating and unfortunately, our educational system is based mostly on the principles of individualism and self. Ironically, my studies in philosophy helped shape my view that human beings occupy an essential place within the world's ecosystem and that to survive, cooperation is fundamental. Most importantly, my three years at UofT allowed me to meet some of the most intelligent and well-rounded people on this planet-- who also helped ground my young personality and world views. 


Conatus: a thing will continue to exist and enhance itself. This is my core tenet. Mind is body and body is mind. I believe in balance and enjoy the struggle our species endures towards this. I love the intersections of art and science; logic and emotion. To me, this is where innovation and creativity occur, it is where we can pinpoint our humanity: evolution, weakness, strength and the ongoing struggle that accompanies it. It is both our gift and curse. My adrenaline is achieved when passion meets logic and when my mind's eye captures some of the glimmers of the universe.